Different kinds of flexible film materials are very versatile as a packaging material! Based on their barrier features, they can be used for packing e.g. liquids, vegetables or bakery products to stay fresh. By choosing recyclable film types, even plastic packages can be more eco friendly than their substitutes.

Bagging and wrapping machines can also be very cost effective. E.g. shrink film grouping is an economical alternative for transport package.

Let’s study together your packing and sales promotion requirements, and we will propose the solution to best cover that.

Vertical baggers

Horizontal baggers (flow-pack)

For filling products in horizontal way a flow-pack machine is used, when it is not possible to drop products in the bag. The bag is formed from one reel.

Flowpack is popular packing system E.g. for cut salad, bakery products, candy bars and ice cream. Efficient and economical way of packing. We also can offer suitable infeed systems for your specific needs.

Heatsealable bag

Vertical baggers

Suitable for many kinds of flakes, liquids, sauces, utilizing the vertical gravity filling.

Zipper bag and sachet

Examples of reclosable zipper bags are packages of chewing gums, pastilles, spices, pet food and protein powder bags. Zipper is a really good choice for all products, which are not used completely at once, and functionality is considerably better than e.g. re-close tape.

Here the horizontal pouch packing method gives e.g. following important advantages:

best and most stable (selling) appearance, short product drop distance, easy and reliable application of zipper band and high capacity, because up to four sachets can be made every machine cycle.

AgilePack is an exclusive distributor for Volpak, who are a leading sachet machine supplier on the globe, with the widest machine portfolio. The very first Volpak was installed in Finland in 1984, is still in use. Globally over 7 000 machines in production, of which tens in Finland.

Zipper bag and sachet

Suitable bagger for different kinds of products

Heatsealable bag

Heatsealable bagger produce hermetic bags in many sizes and even up to 200/min.

Paper bag

Also paper based bags can be heat sealed using modern materials, having a dispersion based coating thus not offering identical hermetic characteristics versus plastics.

Wrapping and other flexible packaging machinery

By using various kinds of flexible packaging and wrapping methods products can be protected or bundled in economic way. We at AgilePack are happy to help for choosing most optimal solution and packing line.

The following packing systems are also included in our range:


Bag-in-box is maybe best known as a wine package, where a high barrier liquid bag, including a valve, is inside a box. Bag-in-box baggers are really suitable for packing liquids.


Bag-in-box where products are packed in polythene bag, is useful e.g. for packing bakery products. In this method an automatic poly bag former and inserter is installed next to case erector. After filling, also automatic closing systems are available. This solution is popular also for packing liquids and powders.

Shrink wrapping

This is one of the most economical ways of packing. It can adapt tightly around the product or create a bundle or a transport pack. The wrapping can be partial or full.

Wrapping with end folds

By using wrapping machine creating folded end seals, really beautiful and also luxurious  packages can be made. Many well known chocolate brand boxes are wrapped this way. Also paper wrap is possible.

Thermoform machine

With this method we can produce vacuum or MAP packages, for conserving e.g. meat, poultry, etc. The package is formed by using heat together with a tool and vacuum air. After filling, the lid is sealed hermetically on top, resulting a rigid and ait tight package, which is good for handling and extends the shelf life of your product.

For this need we offer The revolutionary Shawpak thermoform- and sealing machine. This reasonably priced machine is extremely compact and offers considerable savings in packaging material and energy costs.



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