Cartoning machines and other packaging machines for carton packages

Our cartoning machine boosts your production as agreed for any need – forming, sealing or filling of cartons. We are also willing to cooperate with package material suppliers in package design. In this way, we can make sure that the package is functional and economical in the machines we deliver.

Most typical cartoning machine types and some examples of our principals:

  • Horizontal filling: Mpac Langen
  • Vertical filling: Curti
  • Carton forming and sealing: Vimco

Naturally you will receive any technical support and professional training you need. As proof of this, we have been selected as the packaging solution provider for the most significant brands in Finland and Europe.

Our programme cover also corrugated, film and liquid packaging machines and many auxiliaries needed in the packaging line, such as markers and quality assurance devices.

Cartoning machines a

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