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AgilePack Oy is an agile, skilled and versatile packaging automation specialist. Our key persons have a lot of experience from the industry, and we are the leading supplier of the following machines: tray former, case former and a cushion bag machine or a cushion bag line. Based in Espoo, Finland, we serve our customers flexibly across the whole of Finland and in the neighbouring countries.

We design and projectise packaging lines with firm expertise and prepare a layout proposal. We take the overall responsibility for the delivery and service of packaging machines as well as any training needs. No matter whether your need is small or large, a single machine or an entire packaging line, we can offer you efficient solutions, which are boosted significantly by the automated packaging process. We also provide an efficient spare parts service.

Our customers

Our customers include production plants in the foods, medical and technochemical industry which wish to increase their productivity. We have experience on providing packaging systems for the following companies among others: 

ABB, Altia, Agrifutura, Apetit Ruoka, Danfoss Drives, Fazer Makeiset, Fazer Leipomot, Famifarm, Condite, Elonen, GS-Yhtymä, Hartwall, Hevi-Kolmio, Honkatarhat, Hätälä, Ifolor, Jan-Erik Sigg, Jomet, Kalaneuvos, Kalatukku E. Eriksson, Kymppi-Maukkaat, Laihian Mallas, Matti Tamsi, Maustaja, Mauste-Sallinen, Meira, Mestariviljelijät, Myllyn Paras, Oksasen Puutarha, Pack Company, Pakkasmarja, Panda, Pohjolan Peruna, Prominent Food GMP, Puljonki, Robert Paulig Roastery, Soya, Teampac, Vaasan Oy, Viherkaste, Vitabalans, Välimeren Herkut, Wääksyn Kartano.

Agile packaging automation solutions from us

AgilePack Oy helps boost your packaging processes through automation. No matter what you need, a separate bagging machine, carton former, case former, case sealer or the entire packaging line, we design and projectise it in an agile and cost-efficient manner.

We take the overall responsibility for the delivery of packaging machines and packaging lines with expertise and firm experience. We can also provide you with the installation, training, service and spare parts.

We have the highest possible credit rating and are a member of the “Reliable Partner” network, i.e. meet the requirements of the Contractor's Liability Act.

If you wish to improve your packaging quality and at the same time improve your productivity,

Contact us! (((LINKKI)))

The company in a nutshell

In today's world, almost all products are packaged. For efficient and high-quality packaging, automatic packaging machines are needed.

In most cases, however, the manufacturer cannot be aware of all the different technical packaging solutions, not no mention machine alternatives and their manufacturers and technical differences.

We established AgilePack Oy to be available to you as packaging machine specialists and to offer our expertise which is based on our long practical experience in the field.

There is no better training in this field than practical experience from existing sites. This is what we have gathered in our former jobs at UPM-Kymmene Oy/Walki-Pakkaus, for example.

During our career that has lasted over 20 years we have successfully implemented hundreds of packaging machine deliveries.

Our customers include both smaller and larger, well-known companies operating in the foods, medical or technochemical industry, for example. Our customers will typically also turn to us for the machinery for their following projects!

By selecting us as your partner, you can rest assured that you receive a packaging machine or line which functions as agreed.

The expertise of your operation and maintenance personnel is a prerequisite for a high utility ratio and low wastage of the delivery. We can ensure this by providing our professional training in conjunction with the installations. Naturally, further training and recaps are also offered when needed.

Should you face a problem, our free-of-charge phone service is available to you. This is how problems are often solved, but when necessary, our service engineer will visit you without delay.

Remote connections are also often available for our machines.

Jouni Koskinen

Jari Takkinen

See the AgilePack machine video clips! (Link available later)

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Call us at +358 400 447 489 or send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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