Technical support

After-sales service

We will provide you with all technical support, installation, service and professional training you need for the machines we have supplied efficiently and at low cost.

Naturally, our machines understand your language and the instructions are provided in local language, or if you wish, in English.

Our spare parts service is efficient, and we deliver most of the spare parts during the following working day (depending on the location).

To prevent unnecessary downtime in your packaging processes, we will provide each machine we delivered a recommendation for spare parts, including the anticipated need of wearing and critical spare parts especially for your machine.

Other packaging line devices

To maximise the operability and efficiency of your packaging line and to keep quality assurance under control, the packaging machines we deliver include marking and weight monitoring devices.

We are well familiar with controlling the proper packaging and its correct content.

Our special solutions include application of the gas valve for flow wrapping.

Layout design

We are happy to assist you with professional spatial design and layout proposal for a single packaging machine or the entire packaging line, considering any wishes you may have.

Tekninen tuki

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